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Competitive Advantages

  • Run by 5 partners with 30-years of experience each, Allagash offers investors unique insight into OZ investing based upon the partners over 50 years of cumulative experience in LMI real estate.
  • The Fund’s structure is designed specifically to align interests between the Fund Manager and investors in order to maximize after-tax wealth generation through their investment.
  • The multifamily workforce housing focus of the portfolio should provide significant downside protection as that sector of the commercial real estate market has been one of the most stable over the extreme economic and market cycles that investors have experienced over the last 20 years.
  • The Fund’s very specific real estate focus should provide investors with a higher level of confidence with respect to returns than can be provided by an unfocused multi-property portfolio which may have ground-up development or renovation projects across the entire range of commercial real estate from hotels to multifamily to office to retail.
  • The Fund strategy of creating a multi-property portfolio of currently operating and moderately profitable assets spread throughout a range of metropolitan areas in the target region allows investors the benefit of risk-reduction through diversification while also avoiding the speculative risks and uncertain economic viability associated with any ground-up development, which is the focus of so many Opportunity Zone funds.
  • The income generated by the fund over the 10-year holding period should allow investors to recoup over 100% of their initial capital investment from income alone, before the fund portfolio is sold. Additionally, that income should be full shielded from taxes by depreciation.
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